3D (Ceramics and Sculpture)


As a student in the 3D Ceramics & Sculpture concentration, you will develop an understanding of your role as an artist in culture using a broad range of materials and a desire to convey conceptual content in meaningfully personal ways. You will grow as an artist as you experiment, play, ask complex questions, and explore the physicality of process. 

You will learn using a broad range of tools and techniques to effectively communication visually, and you will work hands-on with faculty to bring your ideas to fruition.  Any material can be used in exploring 3D space and experience, and you will learn a variety of contemporary techniques in clay, wood, and other experimental materials and processes.

You will learn how to engage and create visual community with your peers through projects that will foster thoughtful, Christian visual culture. 

Courses Include:

  • Concepts in Ceramics
  • Context & Meaning
  • Experimental Media
  • Advanced topics in Studio
  • The Interpretive Figure
  • Non-Representational Expression
  • Artistic Book & Papermaking

As a graduate of the ceramic program, you can pursue many careers such as:

  • studio artist
  • K-12 art teacher
  • art professor
  • ceramic designer
  • glaze technician
  • studio manager



For more information, contact:

Joanna Poag, M.F.A, Assistant Professor of Art
585.594.6147 | Poag_Joanna@roberts.edu

Professor Poag's work explores homeostasis of systems, and the resulting entropy or equilibrium of a self-regulating whole; a glimpse into a living, open system. The renewing of life and growth over time in even the smallest of structures is refreshing to her, and she seeks to create a glimpse of the elegance of the (dis)order she finds so captivating. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Read more about Professor Poag here.