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Ethics In Action Scholarship

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Our Ethics in Action Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate business students who demonstrate ethical behavior.

Each spring, students nominated by their peers, faculty, and staff for demonstrating ethical behavior participate in the Ethics Bowl. The winners receive scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

Nicole Cammilleri '20

I consistently strive to embody high ethical standards, and I’ve dedicated a considerable amount of time studying what it means to demonstrate ethics in business and marketing. I never expected to be rewarded for these subtle attributes, but it is empowering for students to be recognized. I am so thankful to have been a recipient of the Undergraduate Business Ethics Scholarship. 

The Undergraduate Business Ethics Scholarship has helped my family and I with college expenses, but it has also motivated me to continue to strive for high ethical standards. Ethics, especially in business, are of utmost importance and I don't want to ever lose sight of that.

Darren Dixon '17

The Undergraduate Business Ethics Scholarship program allows for everyone to be recognized for ethical actions. Walk through the business department and there is every single person plastered on the wall. The best part is the Ethics Bowl.  The fact that there is a room full of students willing to do the right thing when the moment presents itself is amazing. Events like the Ethics Bowl reiterate how many good people there are in the world. Now that I am an alumni working a full-time job, ethics come into play on a daily basis. I remember hearing all the scenarios people were faced with and apply that to my work. They had the courage to speak up and I should too because saying something early will help prevent unnecessary wrongdoing in the end, especially working in finance and maintaining personal work relationships.

Nic Grunert '17

Getting nominated in the first place warmed my heart. After nominating students the first year, I remember making a conscious note to look for ethical decisions made by my classmates. The most ridiculous thing about Roberts is that people do great things EVERY DAY! It was unreal and I miss being in that environment daily. I am challenged as both a small business manager as well as a leader for 70 college student workers to always do the right thing. I am so ready to be placed in these dilemmas and have already had some that I could share with the contestants.

Matt Ketzer

My time at Roberts has helped me to grow and mature not only socially and academically, but spiritually as well. I have grown in my faith and have experienced things here that I will not forget. To receive this scholarship means that there are others in this community who care about my education and my journey as a student and as a member of the working class soon. It shows me that there is a level of generosity here that is uncommon.

The Undergraduate Business Ethics Scholarship program has impacted my life by helping to lessen the burden of financial constraints. It has given me more room to grow financially and to be much more fiscally responsible. For that, I am ever grateful.

Joe Reed '18

I was truly honored to receive the Business Ethics Scholarship! Always in need of money, I was hopeful when the opportunities to be a part of this competition were available to me during my sophomore and junior years. When I went to the Ethics bowl, I felt as if I was entering some sort of a lottery because all of the competitors were so good that I felt it unlikely that I would be chosen as a recipient. When Carrie told me I had won, I couldn’t believe it, and without the scholarship money, I’d be in a significantly more tough financial position than I am now. Every little bit counts, especially when you’re paying for school on your own!

The greatest takeaway from the Business Ethics Scholarship competition would be that ethical behavior, while it can be difficult and often more expensive (in business), can be rewarded in unforeseen and life enriching ways that cause the participants to strive for unmatched moral behavior in business and life, and also can create a culture that permeates beyond the business department to all other areas of learning at Roberts.

Kenya Matsushita '16

Winning a scholarship from the Undergraduate Business Ethics Scholarship program meant me a lot to me; more than I can describe here. It was the first recognition I received for being “ethical”. That recognition still encourages me to do ethical things at work, where ethical people usually have to pay the costs of being ethical.

As a student, the program brought more attention to “good deeds”. Since students vote for each other, we became more cautious and appreciative of others’ works. As an alumni, this custom of being appreciative still sustains my daily life.