Student Teaching

Student Teaching is the culminating experience of Teacher Education programs leading to initial certification.  Upon completion of all requirements and coursework, students apply for Student Teaching and are placed in area school districts for a full semester (14 weeks).

During this hands-on experience, student teachers learn to gradually assume the full classroom duties of their host teacher.  This is a unique time to implement and hone teaching methods under direct supervision by the host teacher and a college supervisor.

In addition to Student Teaching, students attend a weekly Seminar class for additional support in lesson plan development and meeting the current NYS Education Department requirements for certification.

Student Testimonial about Student Teaching

Alyssa Kent (Class of '14)

"My experience at Roberts, especially during student teaching, were experiences I would never forget. The support from two very influential teachers and the information they gave me access to has directly impacted my teaching now. During this experience I was able to interact with the children, teach lessons, gather, make, and use resources and most of all still receive the same support from the wonderful Roberts Teacher Education professors along the way. My student teaching experiences at Roberts helped me become the teacher I am today, and I am forever grateful for both of these experiences."