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Master of Education 4+1

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Become a Teacher through Roberts’ Initial Teaching Certification Graduate Program

This program is designed for Roberts undergraduate students, who majored in something other than education, that are seeking teacher certification through a graduate program. Students who are accepted to the 4+1 program will earn advanced standing in the Initial Certification Education Masters program, allowing them to complete their undergraduate degree and masters degree in a total of five years. Accepted students will enroll in two graduate courses in each of their final two undergraduate semesters. Upon completion of their undergraduate program, students will enter the graduate program and complete all remaining coursework and other program requirements. Students may apply for one of the following initial certification graduate programs:

Application Information

To apply, students must:

  • Submit a completed application with permission to review academic record

  • Submit a résumé

  • Provide the name of at least one faculty member from Roberts Wesleyan University in the student’s major who will need to submit a recommendation

  • A student’s acceptance will be conditional. The student must have a 3.0 upon the completion of their undergraduate degree to be fully accepted into the Masters of Education program.

For more information, please contact Adult and Graduate Admissions at AGE-Admissions@roberts.edu or x4792.