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Initial + Permanent Teacher Certification in NYS in 5 years

In New York State, you need to complete your master's degree in a professional Master of Education program to achieve permanent teacher certification. Often, this means 4 years of undergraduate work plus several years in graduate school. 

At Roberts, you can be prepared for permanent teaching certification in New York State in just 5 years through the Literacy Education, M.Ed.

Not only will you learn from relevant and reputable faculty, but you will be guided through the entire certification process and prepared for your future career. Due to the current and future teacher shortage in New York State and across the country, there are teaching jobs!

Now is the time to become a teacher.

Roberts is already the most affordable private University in the Rochester area, but as a student enrolled in our 4+1 Education program, there are even greater discounts available. In your 5th year, you would qualify for the alumni discount, which is 10% off the cost of tuition. In addition, Roberts has a strong education network with opportunities to teach and work locally while in school.

Eligibility & Enrollment

The 4+1 in Education is applicable to students majoring in:

Incoming freshmen must complete the Roberts standard admissions requirements:

An undergraduate student will have guaranteed admission into the Master of Education in Literacy as long as they have met the following criteria:

  • Graduated with a cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA in college (required by NYS).
  • Completed the GRE (required by NYS).
  • Received recommendation to the Masters of Education program by an education professor at Roberts.
  • Received NYS Initial Certification prior to starting the master’s program.