3 + 2 Program

Complete a full B.A. and Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in 5 Years!

By attending Roberts Wesleyan College for your B.A. in Religion & Philosophy and then continuing on to Northeastern Seminary for your Master of Divinity, you will save 2 years of additional school - which means 2 years of tuition savings!

How it Works

  1. Complete the full Religion & Philosophy Major in 3 years (*meeting all special considerations below)
  2. In your 4th year, you will attend Northeastern Seminary where your electives complete your B.A. degree
  3. Complete 2 years at Northeastern Seminary in the M.Div. program and graduate with your Masters degree

Credit Hour Breakdown

92 hours at Roberts and 62 hours at Northeastern

Roberts Wesleyan College   Northeastern Seminary  
 Total Hours 124   Total Hours 80 
 General Education Hours 52  Hours at Northeastern 62
 Major Hours 40    
 Transfer Hours from Northeastern 32  Transfer from Roberts 18


Roberts Courses that Transfer to Northeastern

Roberts Course & Credit  Northeastern Course Fulfilled  Northeastern Credit Hours 
 THE 200: Exploring the Christian Worldview (3) BHT 521: Being in the Story 3
 300 Level Old Testament major course (3) BIB 517 or BIB 518 3
 300 Level New Testament major course (3) BIB 515 or BIB 516 3
 Two upper level major courses of your choice (6) Elective Competency 6
 Two Biblical language courses (same language) (6) GRK or HEB 510 3


Note: an additional graduate level assignment will be required for these courses

Special Considerations

  1. Overall GPA of 3.0
  2. Grades of at least B in core classes
  3. A maximum of 15 hours of transfer credit (CLEP, AP, etc.) may be counted toward the 52 General Education courses at Roberts
  4. You take one 400 level "topics" or "seminar" course
  5. Additional graduate level assignments required for all RP classes that transfer to Northeastern