Faculty and Staff

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Sandra "Sam" Brzoza, MS, RN

Director of RN to BS Completion Program, Associate Professor

Dr. Kathryn Cacic, DNP, APNP, RN, ANP-BC

Graduate Nursing Program, Assistant Professor (Online)

Sara Claypool, RN, MSN, FNP-C

Assistant Professor of Nursing ( SH 152)

Laura Coles, MS, RN

Traditional Nursing Program, Clinical Professor (CSNC 101D)

Dr. Cheryl B. Crotser, PhD, R.N., NE-BC

Dean and Graduate Program Director, Charles S. Gallaher Chair

Sharon Davis, MS, RN, CNE

Traditional Nursing Program, Director & Associate Professor

Carol Griswold, DNP, MS-Ed, RN

Graduate Nursing Program, Associate Professor (Smith Hall 171)

Krista Hodgins-Levey, MS, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

Christine Lupiani, MS, RN

Traditional Nursing Program, Assistant Clinical Professor (Smith Hall 156)

Dr. Susanne Mohnkern, PhD, RN, CNE

Professor of Nursing, Dorothy Whittingham Chair

Patricia Myers, MS, RN

Traditional Nursing Program, Assistant Professor (Smith Hall 153)

Dr. Santhiny Rajamohan, PhD, RN

Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Amy Rama, DNP, MS, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Mary Stevens, MS, RN

RN to BS Completion Program, Assistant Professor (Smith Hall 174)

Deborah Tedone, MS, RN

RN to BS Completion Program, Assistant Professor (Smith Hall 172)

Judith Treschuk, PhD, RN, CNS, CNE

Graduate Program, Professor of Nursing (Online)


Deborah Bausch

RN to BS Completion Program, Program Coordinator (Smith Hall 182)

Ruth Cleere

Administrative Director, Program Advisor RN to BS Completion Program

Jeanne Colleluori

AGE Nursing Programs, Enrollment and Communication Specialist (Smith Hall 168)

Grace Dinneen

Senior Administrative Director

Sara Lang, FNP-C

Simulation Skills Specialist

Brenda Mutton

Graduate Program Coordinator and Traditional Administrative Assistant

Tammie Myslivecek

School of Nursing Assistant to the Dean & Graduate Nursing Program Administrative Director

Susan Sullivan

AGE Nursing Programs, Director of Enrollment Outreach (Smith Hall 167)

Pamela Vargo

Traditional Clinical Learning, Nursing SIM Lab Technician (Crothers 104B)

Kim Vitelli

AGE Nursing Programs, Enrollment Coordinator