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Creating Theatre

The Carolyn Bowman Theatre Symposium

Friday, April 5, 2019 | Hale Auditorium, Howard Stowe Roberts Cultural Life Center

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The 2019 Carolyn Bowman Theatre Symposium will focus on the creation and ideation of performance art, from building a business plan and originating a role to writing a show and promoting your work. The sessions are ideal for students and professionals interested in branding themselves as performers, founding a company, writing/composing shows, working for a startup organization, understanding more about how the performing arts business works, and supporting the industry in the future.

About the Program

The Roberts Wesleyan College student theatre program and consequent minor was rebooted in Fall 2014 with the inaugural production “Screwtape,” and is managed by artists-in-residence Shawnda Urie (who is also a local actor) and Leah Stacy (who is also a local theatre critic). The program is housed within the Department of Music and Performing Arts under Chair, Daniel Barta. In Spring 2015, the theatre program began a partnership with the Geneva School District to bring one production per year to the students, since performing arts-related bussing funds are not available for the district. A portion of all ticket sales goes toward funding educational opportunities for income-inhibited students throughout the greater Rochester region.

About Carolyn Bowman

Carolyn Bowman was an avid reader, homemaker, teacher and librarian who viewed personal interests in drama and theatre as valid Christian ministries. She had a special talent of visualizing dramatic potential and transforming it into vignettes and plays suitable for worship and spiritual growth. Her family is pleased to know that her interests and influence are continuing at her Alma Mater, Roberts Wesleyan College.

Getting Here

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