Faculty and Staff


Matthew Moore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Humanities; Director, Traditional Undergraduate General Education

Linda Quinlan, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of Language and Literature

Timothy Vande Brake, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Maria Villodre, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish

Adjunct Faculty

Karen Frasier, M.S.

Adjunct for Composition (English)

Rev. Megan A. Hoose, M.A.

Adjunct Professor of First-Year Seminar, Composition, and Philosophy

Jennifer Lapointe, Ph.D.

Adjunct for Composition (English)

Kristy Liddell, M.A.

Adjunct for Composition

Jae Newman, MFA in Writing & MA in Theological Studies

Adjunct Professor of English

Eric Runion

Adjunct Professor of English

Related Majors

Adolescence Education English - Want to teach English? The Adolescence Education English major is designed specifically for students looking to become an English teacher at the junior high/high school level.
English - As an English Major, the English Department prepares students for professional careers that value strong written and oral communication skills, resulting in an English degree.
English Minor - The English major consists of upper-level English courses taught by qualified instructors. Successful completion of this program results in an English Minor.
Gender Studies Minor - With regards to the Gender Studies Minor, the Gender Studies Program seeks to engage students in an interdisciplinary study of understanding of how gender, race, sexuality, and other identities function in and contribute to society.
Spanish Minor - The Spanish major consists of upper-level Spanish courses taught by qualified instructors, many of whom are native speakers. Successful completion of this program results in a Spanish Minor.
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