Faculty and Staff


Jeanne Daningburg, M.A

Instructor of Composition

Harold Hurley, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Literature, and Composition

Linda Quinlan, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of English, Literature, and Composition; Chair, Department of Language and Literature

Timothy Vande Brake, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Maria Villodre, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish


Karen Frasier, M.S.

Adjunct for Composition (English)

Aurora Fuguemann, M.A.

M.A., Adjunct for Spanish

Jennifer Lapointe, Ph.D.

Adjunct for Composition (English)

Kristy Liddell, M.A.

Adjunct for Composition

Elaine Morturano, M.A.

Adjunct for Spanish

James Thomas, M.A.

Adjunct for French