Department of Communication

  • You want fascinating and stimulating classes.
  • You want professors who challenge you and encourage your faith.
  • You want a flexible program that lets you design your own major to reflect your interests.
  • You want a degree that opens doors– lots of doors.
  • You want options.

Welcome to Communication Studies at Roberts Wesleyan College! We have a program filled with stellar students, and we are graduating people who will be doing exciting things. Ours is a program that studies the core of the discipline – human communication – but allows you the freedom to specialize according to your academic and professional interests.

Focus on the areas in the Communication discipline that are most interesting to you and then select or design a concentration to really make your degree marketable! Add to your course work incredible internship opportunities, and you can see how we will help you build an impressive academic and professional résumé.


65 Orchard Street, next to Pearce

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