Advanced Standing Option

BPH Students - Complete your Master's degree in as few as 13-14 months!

Students of the Public Health, B.S. (BPH) program have the opportunity to complete their Master's degree in Public Health (MSPH) to save time and money thanks to the Advanced Standing Option.

Once accepted into the Master's program, graduates of the Public Health, B.S. program will receive credit for the first two courses of their graduate Public Health program. To qualify for Advanced Standing, students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and meet the other current admission criteria for the Master's program and have completed all Public Health Bachelor's coursework at Roberts. Once accepted, students will begin their Master's in the 3rd module (course).

  • MHA 530  Health Care Systems and Organizations (3crs / 5wks)
  • MSPH 510  Foundations of Public Health (3crs / 5wks)