Criminal Justice Administration, B.S.

Honor. Integrity. Courage.

These are just a few principles that lead service men and women in our country, but how can you leverage these to lead others or transition into a new career? The Criminal Justice Administration program was designed with this purpose in mind. Developed in consultation with some of Rochester’s most notable law enforcement leaders, this one of a kind program strategically integrates a market-proven business curriculum with criminal justice leadership’s principles – a combination that will prepare you for leadership, management and service within public law enforcement and private security sectors.

Complete your Criminal Justice Degree in as few as 15 months

  • Learn from law enforcement and business experts! This program is directed by Mark Concordia, a veteran law enforcement officer with over 20 years of service and a recognized expert in Counter Terrorism who has also trained officers at the local, state and federal levels
  • Quickly transform prior learning and training into college credit with credit awarded for most: in-service, Police Academy, military training and more
  • Applied capstone research project designed to benefit your organization
Bachelor's Degree for Your Schedule
  • Study 1 course at a time, 1-night a week in the classroom
  • Exam-free curriculum – Grades based on papers, presentations and projects
  • Books included in the cost of tuition

If you have at least 60 college credits and can spare 1 night a week for 15 months to transform your future, contact us today:

585.594.6900 or