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The AA in Biblical Studies offers a practice-oriented education for persons interested in developing their understanding of the Bible. The coursework consists of mainly introductory-level courses in biblical studies, theology, and ministry (36 credit hours) combined with a general coursework component (24 credit hours).

Graduates of the program will be well-equipped not only for ministry inside and outside of the church, but they will be prepared to further their studies at the bachelor’s level and potentially at the graduate level. This will be a fully online, degree-completion program.

The AA in Biblical Studies offers a practice-oriented education for persons interested in developing their understanding of the Bible.The courses below represent the 36 credits earned in the Biblical Studies degree, but 60 credits are required to earn an associate's degree. Therefore, in addition to completing the Biblical Studies courses, 24 additional credits are needed to graduate with the Biblical Studies associate's degree. These "additional" credits can come from a variety of sources, like previous college credits earned (C- or above), Roberts courses, credit for life and work experiences, prior learning assessments like Life Learning Papers (LLPs), DSST/CLEP exams, Military Transcripts, and other approved training. Each applicant will receive a thorough transfer credit evaluation (TCE) with a personalized and detailed plan for graduation. This program allows students to transfer credits into the program or start with zero credits.

BIBL 1000 - Journey through the Bible

This course empowers students to deeply explore challenging biblical passages within the narrative of the Old and New Testaments. Focus is given to learning to tell and apply the various stories in Scripture in ways that are faithful to their canonical context.

BIBL 1500 - Biblical Studies Workshop

This hands-on course introduces a variety of skills for biblical interpretation, including basic literary, historical, and linguistic tools.

MINS 1010 - Mission of God

This course introduces the practical aspects of engaging God’s mission to the world within the theological constructs of the Bible and church history. Students are taught to critically and constructively reflect upon mission practices in a variety of contexts and apply the lessons gained to their own setting.

MINS 2011- Biblical Leadership

This course is a biblical-theological study of leadership. Topics covered include decisions and difficulties in leadership, the relationship between personality and leadership style, and the tension between leading and serving.

THEO 2700 - Biblical Theology and Spiritual Formation

This course introduces students to some of the main Christian ideas about the nature of faith, God, Jesus, and creation. Students will explore these ideas in their ancient and modern contexts while developing their ability to think theologically. In this hands-on course, students will learn and practice a variety of spiritual disciplines and learn to understand such practices within the faithful framework of a robust biblical-theological understanding of God.

THEO 2701 - Biblical Grace and Salvation

This course introduces students to the saving work of Jesus Christ. The course focuses on Jesus Christ, the doctrine of atonement, the Holy Spirit, the doctrine of salvation, and the outworking of salvation in the church and through an eschatological perspective. Students will explore these ideas in their ancient and modern contexts while developing their ability to think theologically.

THEO 2800 - Biblical Theology of Creation

This course explores the biblical understanding of creation with an emphasis upon practical applications for creation-care today.

THEO 2900 - Biblical Ethics

In this course, students study biblical-theological systems of ethical decision-making and apply what they learn to the analysis of ethical and social issues in contemporary society, including abortion, affirmative action, capital punishment, cloning, constitutional freedoms, euthanasia, pacifism and just war, and extreme poverty.

PHIL 2101 - Ministry to the Doubting

The student learns how to interact effectively with non-believers and with Christians who are experiencing doubts in their faith, through study, discussion and practice (role-play and/or interactions with guests who are experiencing doubts). Students learn how to argue for the reasonability of the Christian faith, and how it is that we can know that Christ is real. The foundation for this involves understanding individuals as whole persons with backgrounds, emotions, desires, and biases. Students work towards developing and expressing in interactions with others the virtues of intellectual and spiritual humility grounded in love. The class covers direct ways of knowing, theistic and Christian arguments, challenges to theistic and Christian belief, and resources for responding to these challenges. It also addresses various approaches to doctrinal issues that parishioners often struggle with.

BIBL 2060 Torah: Creation and Liberation

This course is a study of the first five books of the Old Testament. By examining selected passages, students explore Israel's view of origins, the national genesis and early history, God's will for Israel and the world, and the regulations for worship. An emphasis is placed on the examination of the various forms of literature that are represented in the Pentateuch, especially in respect to their role in forming and communicating the central themes and concepts in the Pentateuch.

BIBL 2010 Synoptic Gospels

This is a study of the life of Jesus based on the three Synoptic Gospels. Specific consideration will be given to the relationship between Jesus' teaching and action and His identity and purpose. Textual issues regarding the similarity and complementarity in the gospel accounts will be explored. The relationship between the Synoptics and the Gospel of John will receive minor consideration. Prerequisites: BIBL 1010 and 1020 or permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

BIBL 3040 Pauline Letters: Apostle to the Nations

A study of the letters of the Apostle to the Gentiles, this course explores Paul's thought in its context. Special attention will be given to recurring issues and theological themes in Paul's writing. Prerequisites: BIBL 1010, 1020 and one 2000-level New Testament BIB course or permission of the instructor. (Offered alternate years)

BIBL 3010 Prophets and Politics

This course examines selected passages from the prophets of Israel. It will display their unique styles and forms of these passages, their theological emphases, and their responses to the historical crises. Prerequisites: BIBL 1010 and 1020 or permission of instructor. (Offered alternate years)

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