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Short-term Anxiety Treatment using Virtual Reality Therapy

Westside Psychological Services is pleased to offer short-term CBT therapy for anxiety utilizing Virtual Reality!
This state-of-the-art, evidence-based therapeutic approach is backed by more than 25 years of scientific research.*

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What issues can short-term CBT virtual reality therapy help with?

Anyone suffering from fear or anxiety around:

  • public speaking
  • sleeping or darkness
  • animals
  • driving
  • flying/travel
  • high places
  • crowded or tight spaces
  • social situations
  • worrying
  • exams
  • school
  • moods
  • medical appointments
  • and more!

It can also be used to practice mindfulness, relaxation, for education, and attention training.

How do I sign up for this 8-12 week treatment?

Ask your WPS Clinician if short-term CBT anxiety VR Therapy is an option for you, or register for our services request list now.

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