Targeted Violence Prevention

Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in individuals looking to commit mass casualty attacks (active shooters) at our schools, businesses and houses of worship. These attacks are occurring more frequently and, with each new event, becoming deadlier than the last. Sadly, no region seems to be immune from this phenomenon. The resulting effect on the public has been a climate of fear and intimidation. These incidents cause an incredible amount of suffering for the victims and damage the reputation of our schools, businesses and communities.


Stopping violence before it occurs is a daunting task. Experts in the field have identified a system for preventing acts of targeted violence, mass killings being one type of targeted violence. This system, or method, has been studied extensively and is recommended by the FBI as a best practice. Experts suggest a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing a team comprised of trained individuals who meet regularly to discuss persons of concern.


The JSI at Roberts Wesleyan College has studied this system and created a series of training opportunities. We offer several Targeted Violence Prevention training options, from simple awareness programs to helping you establish your own internal Threat Assessment and Management Team.

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