Justice and Security Institute

The Justice and Security Institute (JSI) is committed to making our community a safer place to learn, work and worship.

The JSI’s experienced practitioners and educators develop cutting edge training and conduct advanced research to help public and private institutions better protect their infrastructure, assess risk and prevent acts of violence.

Training, Research, and Consultation

Please contact the JSI for custom training or consultation: jsi@roberts.edu or (585) 594-6488

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Physical Security Site Survey / Assessments

Conducting an unbiased Physical Security Site Survey or Assessment can be difficult and time consuming. Without the proper resources, this process can return inaccurate results and create more vulnerabilities.

To produce the desired results, an objective 3 rd party should be utilized to obtain a clear and concise understanding of the entire security environment and the surrounding threat landscape.

Our Physical Security Experts can and will provide an objective assessment of the entire property, both internally and externally. We will deliver a complete and thorough report with the pertinent details and evidence of all findings. Finally, our experts will provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement with options for ongoing support and training.

Upon completion, you will have a safer and more secure environment to work or learn in with a long- term strategy for maintaining your security program.

Physical Security Procurement Strategies

Purchasing Physical Security Countermeasures can be a very adversarial process where the integrator wants to ear top dollar for their sale and you the customer wants to preserve your budget.  As a result, you will not always get what you need in order to protect what is most important to your business or school.

In order to ensure your organization obtains the proper level of security, you must understand where your program is today and where you want it to be in five years.  Further, you must gain control of the purchasing process and advocate for what is best for you.

Our Experts understand this process and can work with you in many capacities including site survey to understand organization vulnerability, security system design, integrator/manufacturer assessment and sourcing, and contract negotiation.  We can also provide a training course for your team to understand each component of the procurement process.

Your organization will save time, money and effort while gaining a security system that works for you by providing the proper levels of security that your team is capable of using and maximizing the full feature set of the technology.

Observe Navigate Escape Active Shooter Survival Training

Active Shooter trainings today in schools and businesses often involve gunfire simulations and other traumatic situations that have caused injury, anxiety and created fear in many students and staff members.  Further, these trainings today often neglect young students or those with visual, physical and hearing impairments, this is unacceptable.

As leaders of schools and businesses, you are obligated to provide safety and security to your students, staff and guests, as such the trainings you offer will impact their overall ability to learn, work and transact within your organization.

With the Observe Navigate Escapeô program, our certified trainers will provide you with a training that does not involve trauma, anxiety or injury to anyone.  We will focus on teaching your students and staff how to rely on their natural senses in order to survive not just and active shooter situation but all hazards that may potentially impact your organization.  This unique training is also safe and applicable to all age groups as well as those with visual, physical or hearing impairments.

This program will allow you to deliver a user-friendly training, build trust and foster a sense of teamwork amongst all stakeholders.  You will no longer have to worry if anyone gets hurt during a training program or files a lawsuit as a result of being injured.

Protecting Houses of Worship

The trend of violence against Houses of Worship is growing. Tragedies such as those recently seen in Pittsburgh, New Zealand and other parts of the world are increasing in lethality. Religious Institutions must now consider elevated levels of security beyond the current methods employed.

Hundreds of people come together to pray and worship in peace, but for those individuals who are filled with hate, all they see is a moment to attack.  What is your security posture? Are you aware of your surroundings? What current practices are you using as methods of deterrence or prevention?  These are all questions that need objective and unbiased attention.

Our experts in counterterrorism, both foreign and domestic, are adept and fully capable at gathering and delivering intelligence, developing a comprehensive physical and cyber security architecture, training small or large groups, developing policy and procedures, crisis response and many other critical elements.

Your organization and those who worship with you will have a fully developed and actionable security program designed to meet today’s threats.  Further, the program will continue to evolve and grow with your organization in the years to come, thus reducing your financial burdens.

Soft Target Hardening

For many organizations, the ability to create a safe and secure environment for their students and employees can be challenging and frustrating.  Never knowing what is enough or what is too much presents the opportunity for gaps and vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by adversaries.

Most organizations today are considered “Soft Targets” as they are not considered Critical Infrastructures such as Power Plants or Military Installations.  Soft Targets often present an easy target for adversaries to attack.  Soft Target Hardening is a process of improving the current efforts in place and presenting a less attractive target for potential attackers.

Our experts on staff are uniquely qualified and versed in CPTED, Countermeasure applications, emerging threats, physical site assessments and threat assessment.  The combined experience our experts bring from the Secret Service, FBI, the U.S Military, Local Law Enforcement and the private sector enables us to meet and exceed your needs.

Upon completion of this service, your facility will have an increased security posture, your team will have increased awareness and your ability to deter and or prevent adversity or attack will be improved.

Counterterrorism Training

Our region is not immune to the threat posed by International or Domestic Terrorist. They look to commit their acts of targeted violence as a way to intimidate and demoralize groups of people in an effort to establish their political or social agenda.

Educating yourself and your community on the threat posed by these groups can help you understand if your community is at risk and alert you to the warning signs exhibited by the group members. Community members may also be susceptible to recruitment by terrorist organizations and may be convinced to act on behalf of the group.

Our nationally recognized experts in counterterrorism, both foreign and domestic, understand these groups, their motivations and the threat they pose. They have created unique training courses to help you better understand the various groups, their recruitment methods and the steps they take on their way to committing an act of violence.

Upon completion of this training you will understand how terrorist recruit members, select target and commit their attack on vulnerable populations to enact their agenda. This should aid you in disrupting potential recruitment or attack senarios.

Targeted Violence Prevention

Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in individuals looking to commit mass casualty attacks (active shooters) at our schools, businesses and houses of worship. These attacks are occurring more frequently and, with each new event, becoming deadlier than the last. Sadly, no region seems to be immune from this phenomenon. The resulting effect on the public has been a climate of fear and intimidation. These incidents cause an incredible amount of suffering for the victims and damage the reputation of our schools, businesses and communities.

Stopping violence before it occurs is a daunting task. Experts in the field have identified a system for preventing acts of targeted violence, mass killings being one type of targeted violence. This system, or method, has been studied extensively and is recommended by the FBI as a best practice. Experts suggest a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing a team comprised of trained individuals who meet regularly to discuss persons of concern.

The JSI at Roberts Wesleyan College has studied this system and created a series of training opportunities. We offer several Targeted Violence Prevention training options, from simple awareness programs to helping you establish your own internal Threat Assessment and Management Team.

Digital Forensic Lab

The JSI can assist you with your cyber security needs through our state of the art digital forensic laboratory. Utilizing the latest computer systems and software, designed specifically for forensic data extraction and recovery, our investigators can perform the below services to help you with your digital security needs.

  • Forensic Imaging
  • Data Recovery
  • Digital Examination and Analysis
  • Mobile Device Extraction
  • Viruses and Malware Scans
  • Permanent Device Deletion

Meet the Team

Joe Testani photo

Joe Testani

Director of the Justice & Security Institute

Jennifer Hoock photo

Jennifer Hoock

Operations Coordinator, Justice & Security Institute

Past Projects:

  • Trained numerous K-12 school districts, colleges and businesses on targeted violence prevention measures.
  • Assisted law enforcement agencies in understanding the community’s perception of their departments and the role diversified hiring may have on that perception.
  • Worked with local faith-based communities to review their security practices and helped them improve the safety around their houses of worship.
  • Assisted Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Greece Police Department in creating new threat response protocols.
  • Presented a one-day seminar on threat assessment for law enforcement, educators, businesses, houses of worship and mental health professionals.

Digital Forensics Lab Frequently Asked Questions

Who are potential clients for the Digital Forensics Lab?

Anyone who has authority or ownership of an electronic device that stores digital media (such as a cell phone or laptop). Potential clients should want to copy, search or permanently delete that media. Clients are often businesses, public institutions (like schools or colleges), lawyers, or parents.

Why would a school/college/business need this service?

Clients may want to utilize this service for a variety of reasons, such as collecting suspicious information, permanently deleting data, or cloning existing material.

For example, a school system might suspect that a student is using the school’s computer to access inappropriate material on the internet. In this case, the school would bring the device to the Justice and Security Institute (JSI). Then, JSI would clone the suspected content and turn over all materials— along with a detailed report— to the school. 

If I’m not a school or organization, can I use this service?

Absolutely. As long as you have consent and access to the electronic device, you may use this service! A business may have the same concerns about an employee utilizing one of its computers improperly. Or parents, for example, often use this service to check on a child’s safety and activity online.

What other ways could this service benefit me?

This service allows us to search electronic devices for the latest spyware or viruses. Additionally, anyone who has sensitive information on a device may want to ensure the information is permanently removed from the device. Conversely, if you have accidentally deleted information from your device, the lab may be able to recover the deleted information!

Is this service legal?

Yes, all services are legal and done in accordance with the latest court standards.

Can a client clone, delete, or access information from a smartphone or mobile device?

Yes, but the client must receive written consent from the owner of the smartphone or mobile device.

How has this service benefitted lawyers?

Oftentimes, lawyers want to utilize this service when coming to the aid of a client or to defend clients who have been falsely accused. The service has been used to pull data off a smartphone to prove the location of a client, or to recover deleted text messages to validate a client's statements.

Testimonials from Previous Clients

The assistance of the Roberts Wesleyan Justice and Security Institute has been invaluable. The institute has provided training, facilitated training, help develop curriculum, and been there for me anytime I needed assistance. The JSI has assisted me with training my officers in Fair and Impartial Policing, Ethics, and Threat Assessment. This training was absolutely vital to my police department. The JSI is without question a very valuable community resource and I am very grateful to have it in our community. - Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan

Roberts Wesleyan College has provided the Fairport Police in the past with incredible perspective and valued training on the principles of threat assessment that has parlayed into a highly functioning behavioral intervention team in our community.  Absent the commitment, knowledge, expertise and effective instruction, our ability to have a functioning threat assessment team would not have been realized.  We are fortunate to have this invaluable academic resource in our community to ensure our community’s security and safety. - Samuel A. Farina, Jr. - Fairport Village Police Chief

The Canandaigua City School District is very pleased with the training it received on Threat Assessment and Management.  The District’s Behavior Intervention Team that was formed after the training is a significant step forward in ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. 

The threat assessment training provided our school system a framework to support the district's learning environment. This training provided the necessary background, relevant case studies, and protocols to follow should a situation arise.  Our district (Spencerport School District) is in a much better position to respond accordingly based on this training and would recommend any school district to consider it for their organization.

The threat assessment training and implementation of our Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) came at a time when we needed to update our process and procedures. Our BIT team is in full implementation and proving to be very valuable. - Deb Miles, Fairport Schools

Public Safety Diversity Survey

Participate in our Public Safety Diversity Survey, created by our Justice and Security Institute and Office of Diversity & Equity. The survey is meant to capture community perceptions and feelings on law enforcement. Thank you and we look forward to your thoughts.

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