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Intellectual and Spiritual Humility Institute

Bring communities together in a polarized society by creating space for the respect and dignity of all people.

The Intellectual and Spiritual Humility Institute (ISHI) at Roberts Wesleyan University exists as a resource for our community to promote living and communicating with all people in authenticity and generosity of spirit - hallmarks of true humility. In alignment with our Christian heritage, we affirm the intrinsic value of all creation, and esteem every person as a treasured member of the human family of which we all are a part.

Resources We Offer

Community gatherings, lectures, and presentations

Online mini-classes and certificates

Workshops and retreat facilitation

Curated community-building experiences

Consultation services

ISHI offers a variety of resources to nurture practices of healthy human understanding and connection in the context of topics that include:

  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Whole-person Wellness
  • Embodied Self-Leadership
  • Listening Authentically to “the Other”
  • Offering Transformative Feedback
  • Trauma Awareness
  • Conflict Engagement
  • Mediation
  • DEI, Leadership, and Power Dynamics
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Non-judgmental Presence as a Resource for Change
  • Biblical Foundations for Respect, Humility, and Authentic Human Relating

We offer community resourcing at our state-of-the-art facility, online, or on location throughout our community with webinars, workshops, keynotes, retreats, and customized consulting for organizations, businesses, churches, and educational institutions.

Meet the Director

Having earned a BA in English from Roberts Wesleyan University, an MA in Linguistics from Syracuse University, a PhD in Linguistics from Cornell, and an MDiv from Northeastern Seminary, Dr. Letterman specializes in the developmental power of language, purpose, and embodied habits (such as mindfulness and other self-awareness developmental practices) as factors of human connection and collaborative problem-solving. Dr. Letterman strives to help individuals and organizations discover the link between theory and practice.

She facilitates workshops designed to help individuals and teams better understand such pragmatic topics as: personal engagement and conflict styles; power and inclusion dynamics; mindfulness for change; and whole-person health and development trajectories. She supports individuals and teams in learning skills of listening and clear expression of values - skills that help people discover challenging contexts as invitations to significant human connection as well as personal and leadership development. 

Her decades of experiences in industry, academic, health care, and non-profit settings provides her with a wealth of experience in promoting changes that contribute to personal and organizational health.  

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