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English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) serves speakers of other languages and the communities working with them. We offer general language development, specialized language instruction, and cultural training. We also teach cultural competency for those who wish to better engage with their non-native English speaking employees.

About the Institute

Since Fall 2011, we have been enrolling students in our intensive English program focused on developing language and cultural competencies.

We are expanding our program from high school and college students to include international adult learners, allowing them to pursue their educational and professional next steps.


Language Training

  • General Language Development
  • Specialized Language Instruction
  • Cultural Training

Training for Supervisors

  • Cultural Competency
  • Communicating with Speakers of Other Languages

Customizable Programs

  • We cater our sessions to the needs of the student. The course content and scheduling of our seminars and courses can be modified to accommodate work schedules.
  • We design unique language & culture programming for adult language learners domestically and abroad for professional or recreational learning.

Testimonials from Previous Students

"This school's atmosphere is very good. This place is good to study. The teacher of ELI are very nice." - Mylee L.

"The English program was great. I have really good experiences from this program. I met new people from other countries; they were friendly, kind, and respectful. I learned a lot about their cultures and traditions…The teachers were very friendly and kind. They help us and push us so hard to make our language improve, also to be good students." - Roaa A.

"ELI gives me a feeling of being at home. The teachers are very nice. They took care of everything that confused me and they also are good friends with me. They taught me many things that I needed to learn and helped me to prepare for college."  - Luna S.

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