2017-18 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Student Development | Student Conduct

Involuntary Withdrawal

Suspension or Dismissal

As a general principle, student behavior issues will follow the guidelines and directives set forth in the Student Handbook.  Please refer to that publication for details. 

The College reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student at any time when, in the judgment of the administration, such action becomes necessary. Attendance at the College is a privilege which may be withdrawn in the case of a student who demonstrates substantial disharmony with the traditions and regulations of the College, or who is unwilling or unable to adjust to its environment. The College reserves the right to refuse a student’s registration at any time without explanation. The student does have the right of appeal.

The only way a suspended student can re-enter the College is by applying through the Office of Admissions.

Physical/Mental Health Suspension and Dealing with Actively Distressed Students

A student may be involuntarily withdrawn from the College if it is determined that this student engages or threatens to engage in behavior that

  • Poses a significant danger to the student or to others, or
  • Substantially impedes the lawful activities of other members of the campus community.

Students may occasionally attempt or threaten suicide or self-harm or may find themselves unable to function in school due to serious psychological difficulties.  In these cases, it is necessary for the College to appropriately care for the student to minimize the primary risk of harm to self, as well as the secondary risk of the student negatively impacting other students, faculty, and staff because of the self-destructive behavior.

When a student is withdrawn for these reasons, the withdrawal will remain in effect until such time as the student adequately demonstrates that the issue(s) which caused the withdrawal are no longer in existence.  The only way a suspended student can re-enter the College is by applying through the Office of Admissions.

For detailed policies and procedures regarding physical and mental health matters, please consult the Student Handbook.