2017-18 Graduate & Non-Traditional Catalog | College Costs

Payment Procedure

Payments and Payment Agreement Forms are due fourteen days before the first day of classes. Any balance paid after the due date may be assessed a late fee. All financial aid forms should be completed one month before the payment due date to ensure that all funds are received on time.

Students may make cash or check payments on their account in person at the Cashier's Window.  Personal checks may be mailed to the Student Accounts office and must include the student's ID number.  If omitted, the number may be written on the check by College staff. Checks should be made payable to Roberts Wesleyan College.

Payments may also be made electronically through our online billing site, "Quickpay."  Students can access this site by going to "R-Serve" and clicking on "Make a Payment."

Students who have been awarded scholarships, loans, or other grants from agencies outside the College, who do not have the funds in hand by the first day of each new semester, must present documentation from the agency from whom payment will be received. In the absence of such documentation, payments will be expected from the students while they await the agency payment. If no payment is made to cover the awarded scholarships, loans, or grants, a late fee will be assessed.

If a balance is still owed for a previous semester when registering for the next semester, the student’s registration may be held or voided until payment is received.

Bookstore Charges

Students who have credit balances on their accounts may be able to use that credit to buy books at the RWC Bookstore.  Students wishing to take advantage of this program should be able to just swipe their RWC student ID card at the bookstore checkout.  If this is not posible the student should visit the Office of Student Accounts.