2017-18 Graduate & Non-Traditional Catalog | Introduction to Roberts Wesleyan College

Our Graduates

As a result of the opportunities provided them, the ideal graduates of Roberts Wesleyan College will be characterized by: 

Thoughtful Engagement 

  • Lifelong habits of inquiry, reflection, and critical thinking from a Christian perspective. 
  • Competence in their chosen disciplines.
  • Sound choices leading to intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Spiritual Maturity 

  • An ability to articulate a Christian worldview.
  • Excellence and integrity in work, family, service, and culture, with Christ as our example.
  • A desire to extend compassion, mercy, and justice to all people.

Commitment to Service 

  • A clear sense of vocation through meaningful avenues of service.
  • The knowledge and skills needed to contribute meaningfully to society. 
  • The desire to participate as world citizens with a cross-cultural awareness and a global perspective.