2016-2017 Student Catalog | Student Life

Diversity Statement


Northeastern Seminary believes that all people are created in the image of God. Therefore, the Seminary values and affirms human diversity, and is committed to providing a supportive environment that promotes awareness of, sensitivity to, and appreciation of human diversity. Specifically, the Seminary seeks to reflect the richness of human diversity within its students, staff, faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees as a manifestation of its Christian heritage. The Free Methodist Church, with whom the College and Seminary share a covenantal affiliation, was founded as part of a reform movement which emphasized the rights of under-represented populations, women, and the economically depressed.



Goal 1:  Maintain a Board of Trustees that strongly supports and directs human diversity development efforts at the Seminary

Goal 2:  Maintain an administrative leadership (i.e., president, vice president, deans, and directors) that is firmly committed to the achievement of human diversity at the Seminary

Goal 3:  Seek and retain qualified students, staff, faculty, and Board of Trustees whose demographic profile reflects regional diversity

Goal 4:  Create an environment that encourages all members of the Seminary community to share their talents, gifts, and cultures through involvement in campus-wide diversity initiatives and activities

Goal 5:  Develop broad curricula that include learning objectives relating to human diversity

Goal 6:  Provide students and faculty with opportunities to develop intercultural competencies and see themselves as part of an interdependent world community