2012-2013 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Program Descriptions | Teacher Education Overview | Minors

Education Minor

The minor in Education requires students to complete 18 hours as specified below. 

  • Introduction to Education (6 hours): EDU 190 with OPE* and EDU 202;
  • Child Development (3 hours): EDU 301 with OPE*, EDU 350, EDU 370 with OPE*, or PSY 203;
  • Teaching and Learning (3 hours): EDU 301 with OPE*, EDU 302 with OPE*, or EDU 333;
  • Electives (at least 6 additional hours): CMC 306, EDU 307 with OPE*, EDU 330 with OPE*, EDU 340, EDU 351 with OPE*, EDU 379 with OPE*, or EDU 380.

The following courses are not available to non-majors: EDU 303, EDU 304, EDU 310-317, EDU 322-25, EDU 352, ART 318, MUS 315, and all student teaching and related capstone/seminar courses.  An Education major who has already taken one of more of these courses, and subsequently changes her or his major, may use these courses as electives in an Education minor.

* Policy regarding OPE courses:

  • Students completing a minor in Education must successfully complete at least one course with a field experience (OPE) beyond the introductory experience in EDU 190.
  • When taking a course with an OPE, students completing a minor in Education will complete the OPE as indicated, OR an alternative field experience arranged by the student with the permission of and in consultation with the course instructor.  (Note: Alternate experiences will not meet certification requirements should a student later choose to major in Education.)