2012-2013 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Program Descriptions | Science/Math Overview

Medical Technology

  [Biology 0401]

Roberts Wesleyan College provides a course of study which allows a student to couple a major in Biology or Chemistry with a hospital experience in Medical Technology. A member of the faculty serves as advisor to all students interested in Medical Technology.

SPECIFICS OF THE BIOLOGY, B.S. DEGREE Medical Technology Concentration

Minimum Total Hours: 124

Total Liberal Arts Hours Required: 60

General Education Requirements: Per General Education list (see General Education Division). Exceptions: lab science requirement is met through the major; mathematics proficiency requirement may be met through the major if MTH 200 is taken instead of CSC 101 as the major requirement.

Minimum Requirements: Overall and major GPA of 2.0; no grade less than C- in the major.

Transfer Requirements: See institutional transfer policies.

Application to the Major: Standard institutional major application should be submitted at the end of the sophomore year.  A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required for acceptance to the major.

Major Requirements: A minimum of 44 hours of RWC course work as follows plus hospital hours as outlined below:

  • 21 hours of required biology courses with supporting labs:  BIO 101, 201, 202, 260, 301, 306, 460;
  • MTH 200 or CSC 101;
  • Biochemistry with lab: BCH 305;
  • 16 hours of chemistry courses with supporting labs:  CHM 111*, 112, 211, 212.

* Passing the math placement could be required before enrolling in some introductory courses.



In addition to these requirements, a minimum of 30 semester hours is taken at an accredited hospital school of Medical Technology after completion of the major course requirements outlined above.  A typical twelve-month Medical Technology program might consist of the following:

  • 9 hours Microbiology-Serology;
  • 6 hours Clinical Chemistry;
  • 6 hours Hematology;
  • 3 hours Blood Bank;
  • 2 hours each: Urinalysis/Clinical Microscopy;Mechanism of Disease; electives.

The foreign language requirement for this major is the same as for professional programs.

The Four-Year Program

The total course of study involves four years, with the first three spent at Roberts Wesleyan and the remaining year at a cooperating hospital school of Medical Technology. During the fourth year, each student is expected to meet with a faculty advisor at least once each semester. The college curriculum is approved by the Board of Registry of Medical Technologists, American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

The College grants the B.S. degree with a major in Biology upon completion of the fourth year.  Application to hospital schools of Medical Technology should be made during the fall of the junior year.  Currently, affiliations are in place with Rochester General Hospital (Nancy C. Mitchell, Director of RGH program, adjunct faculty member of RWC); and Women's Christian Association Hospital in Jamestown, N.Y. (Michele G. Harms, Director of WCA program, and adjunct faculty member of RWC).