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Adolescence Education-Chemistry, B.S.

[Adolescence Education-Chemistry—1905.01]   

Students completing the Adolescence Education Chemistry program are prepared to apply for New York State teaching certification in Chemistry for grades 7-12 (with an extension in Chemistry for grades 5-6) and to pursue graduate study in education, chemistry, or related disciplines.  All Adolescence Education Chemistry students are assigned an advisor in the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics as well as an advocate in the Teacher Education Division.  Consultation with both advisor and advocate is essential to ensure program requirements and application deadlines for both divisions are met.


Minimum Total Hours:  126

Total Liberal Arts Hours:  60

General Education Requirements:  Per General Education list (see General Education Division).  Exceptions:  only one fine arts course is required (ART 101, MUS 104, OR FNA 102); PSY 203 must be taken to meet the behavioral science requirement.  Requirements for the lab science and mathematics proficiency will be met through the major.

Minimum Requirements:  GPA of 2.7 in the major and overall; no grade less than C in the major; a minimum grade of C+ in 100- and 200-level EDU courses; a minimum grade of B- in 300- and 400-level EDU courses; minimum grade of C in CMC 101 and CMP 101; minimum grade of C in mathematics proficiency course (within the major).

Transfer Requirements:  See institutional transfer policies.

Application to the Major:  Standard institutional application form to be submitted to the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics at the end of the sophomore year.  A minimum overall GPA of 2.7 is required to be accepted and to remain in the major.  In addition, students must apply to the Teacher Education Division after completing two EDU courses (EDU 190 and EDU 202) and must apply to student teach by the appropriate deadline.  Contact the Teacher Education Division for specific deadlines and forms.

Major Requirements:  48 hours as follows:

  • 30 hours in chemistry:  CHM 111*, 111 lab, 112, 112 lab, 121,  211, 211 lab, 212, 212 lab, 301, 301 lab, 304, 460, 498;
  • one computer science course: CSC 101 or 140;
  • 8 hours mathematics: MTH 281* & 282;
  • 8 hours physics: PHY 101* & 102 OR PHY 201* & 202.
  • NOTE: BCH 100-Basic Biochemistry (3) will be required before enrolling in the major courses listed above if it is determined that remediation is needed in biology or chemistry.

* Passing the math placement could be required before enrolling in some introductory courses.

Students are also required to complete a 41-hour core of education courses (EDU 190 & 190 OPE, 202, 302 & 302 OPE, 307 & 307 OPE, 314 & 314 OPE, 330, 370 & 370 OPE, 379 & 379 OPE, 380, 402A & 402B, 442); Training in Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment; and Training in School Violence Prevention and Intervention.  Most education courses require significant observation and practice hours in addition to class time.