2012-2013 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Program Descriptions | Music/Performing Arts | Majors

Music, B.A.

 [B.A. in Music—1005]

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music offers broad musical preparation which can lead to any number of career interests, including private music teaching and graduate school. The B.A. Music major may be combined with courses from other programs such as Philosophy-Religion, Communication, History, or another major. 


Total Hours:  124

Total Liberal Arts Hours Required:  90

General Education Requirements:  Per General Education list (see General Education Division). Exceptions: ART 101 or FNA 102 (only one course is required and MUS 104 is not permitted).

A minimum of 14 additional credits of non-music general  electives.

Minimum Requirements:  Overall and major GPA of 2.0; no grade less than C- in the major.

Transfer Requirements:  Audition.  See institutional transfer policies.

Application to the Major:  Standard institutional major application should be submitted by the end of the sophomore year.  A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required to be accepted and to remain in the major.  Sophomore-year performance proficiency must be passed to be accepted to the major.  A grade of C- must be achieved in Theory to continue in the major.

Major Requirements:  40 hours

  • 12 semester hours of written theory (MUS 101; MUS 102; MUS 200; MUS 205 or MUS 411);
  • 3 semester hours of aural skills (MUS 101A, MUS 102A, MUS 200A);
  • 9 semester hours of music history and literature (MUS 112, MUS 212, MUS 312);
  • Basic Conducting (MUS 295);
  • Music Seminar (MUS 100);
  • 5 semester hours of applied lessons*
  • 4 semester hours of ensembles*
  • 6 semester hours of music electives

*Students receiving a music major scholarship are required to participate in an ensemble every semester and may be required to take additional semesters of applied lessons.