2012-2013 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Educational Programs

Honors Program

Roberts Wesleyan College is committed to providing curricular and co-curricular enrichment for the academically talented student. Recognizing diverse abilities and interests, the College offers an Honors Program designed to provide appropriate academic challenge and to foster personal development and intellectual growth. Successful completion of the Program results in an Honors Program Diploma.

Admission to Program

Admission to the Honors Program is by invitation. Most participants enter the Program in the fall of the first year. Transfer students with one year or less of previous college experience are eligible for consideration.

Students are selected based on such criteria as:

  • Appropriate scores on the SAT and/or ACT examinations.
  • Evidence of strong academic performance in a college-preparatory program. Attention is given to the high school grade average and class ranking.
  • Evidence of intellectual curiosity and personal motivation, as demonstrated by the high school record and recommendations from guidance counselors and admission counselors.
  • Demonstration of writing excellence as evidenced by English scores and writing sample.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative 3.4 grade point average. A minimum of 12 Honors elements are required for Program completion.

General Education Elements

CMP 103H

Writing and Research
(required first semester)

GED 100H First-Year Seminar
(required first semester)
GED 401H

Senior Seminar 
(required senior year)

Plus at least 3 of the following courses (elements):

BIB 101H   Old Testament Literature and Theology
CMC 101H   Principles of Speech
FNA 101H

  Fine Arts Symposium

PHL 202H   Philosophical and Ethical Issues

(The General Education Elements form the foundation of the Honors Program. Therefore, students are encouraged to take as many as possible of the above courses.)

Program Elements in the Major

Students must complete at least four Honors Elements within their academic major. Introductory courses meeting institutional General Education Program requirements may be taken for Honors credit but should not count toward the four Major Elements. At least two of the Major Elements must be upper-division courses; other courses taken for Honors credit may be applied to the total number of elements needed to complete the Honors Program. (The Senior Honors Project may count as one of the Major Elements.)

Senior Project

The Senior Honors Project, representing scholarly activity at the highest level of undergraduate study, culminates in a written Project Report/Thesis and a twenty-minute oral presentation.