Alumni Awards

Alumni Awards

Each year, Roberts Wesleyan College alumni are honored for their outstanding achievements and commitment to the life of the institution. 

Alum of the Year | This award is given out to an Alumna(us) who is supportive of the institution in an observable manner by upholding its ideals and objectives. This person also maintains a lifestyle which is in harmony with the spirit and philosophy of Roberts Wesleyan College.

Graduate of the Last Decade | The G.O.L.D. award is given to an Alumna(us) who has graduated in the last ten years with outstanding achievements made during that time.

New members to the Athletic Hall of Fame are inducted to recognize their athletic achievements and become part of a distinguished group of alumni that represents Roberts Wesleyan College, both past and present.

In addition, a new graduate is honored at Spring Commencement with the Alumni Association Senior Award for exemplifying the College's values and character.

We are proud of these alumni and their accomplishments!