The Community Institutes at Roberts Wesleyan College are a resource for training needs.

The institutes provide certificate and competency-based programs, which are customized for specific training needs, and serve the community as a distinctive hub of learning.

The assistance of the Roberts Wesleyan Justice and Security Institute has been invaluable. The institute has provided training, facilitated training, help develop curriculum, and been there for me anytime I needed assistance. The JSI has assisted me with training my officers in Fair and Impartial Policing, Ethics, and Threat Assessment. This training was absolutely vital to my police department. The JSI is without question a very valuable community resource and I am very grateful to have it in our community. - Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan

“Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE) connects you to the right people and the right resources to expand your company in the Greater Rochester, NY region. The leadership development program provided by Business Solutions Institute at Roberts Wesleyan College, led by Dr. Joel Hoomans, was critical to helping the GRE team reach its full potential and increase the impact the team has in its service to companies throughout the nine county Greater Rochester, NY region.” - Matt Hurlbutt, President and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise

“Given the high level of acrimonious discourse in our world today, I believe the Intellectual and Spiritual Humility Institute is truly needed to guide our path back to civil discourse that promotes listening to others, respectful debate and accepting, with grace, differing points of view.” — Mary Worboys-Turner, Founder Worboys Turner LLC

"ELI gives me a feeling of being at home. The teachers are very nice. They took care of everything that confused me and they also are good friends with me. They taught me many things that I needed to learn and helped me to prepare for college."  - Luna S.

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