Why Nursing at Roberts Wesleyan College?

Dedicated Nursing Faculty

Our Nursing faculty will work closely with you to foster professional and spiritual growth.  The low faculty-student ratio allows us to give you individual attention.

Whole Person Approach

We view students and patients as holistic unique beings having bio-psycho-social-spiritual components.  You will learn to assess and care for clients in a holistic manner.

Christian Environment

We foster the integration of academic learning with a Christian world view. You will learn the value of lifelong learning and service to God and society.

Transcultural Study Opportunity

You can study transcultural nursing and missionary nursing with travel to a developing country and interaction with health professionals from other cultures.

TransculturalNursing.jpgVaried Clinical Affiliations: 

The Rochester area is known for its exceptional health care facilities. You will have clinical practice at 6 - 8 major health care agencies during your clinical program, including both community hospitals and large medical centers.

Pursuit of Special Interests

During senior practicum and nursing electives, you are able to study an area of nursing that is especially interesting to you, such as:

  • Advanced cardiopulmonary nursing
  • Women’s health nursing
  • Parish nursing
  • Preoperative nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Transcultural Nursing
  • Telephone Nursing

Good Reputation 

Roberts nursing graduates are well-received in health care agencies because they are well-prepared for clinical practice. Area health care employers have shared that Roberts’ nurses are exceptional in their caring and commitment to the client and in their high level of competence.

The Latest Technology in Crothers Science & Nursing Center

 You'll have access to the latest technology and advanced learning opportunities in our brand new Crothers Science & Nursing Center. 



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