Student Association

Our Motto:

Serving the Student Body in Christ's Name

Who is SA?

The Student Association is all undergraduate students at Roberts!

The Student Association Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) is involved in the planning and integration of student activities so that students can have a full and balanced life outside the classroom.

S.A.L.T. promotes a sense of group responsibility and plays the critical role of student representation for all aspects of community life. 


Who is on the Student Association Leadership Team?

  • SA President: Aaron Bellomo
  • SA Vice President: Alexis Bauer
  • SA Chaplain: Kara Fink
  • Social Life Director: Morgan Joseph
  • Public Relations Director: LeeAna Hess
  • Physical Arts Designer: Kate Hill
  • Graphic Arts Designer: Ella Zehr
  • Media Coordinator: Rachel Lindke
  • Beacon Editor in Chief: Robyn Avery
  • Beacon Assistant Editor: Shannon Smith
  • Beacon Layout Editor: Violet Schuttak
  • Intramurals Commissioner: Cody Glickert
  • Intramurals Managers: London Booker, Kaleb Colosimo, Sean Leduc
  • Senior Class Council: Nicole Puglisi, Nathan Andersen, Emily Hatch
  • Junior Class Council: Julia Norris, Sherilyn Leege, Sarah Wallace, Tyler Campbell
  • Sophomore Class Council: Jarron Widrick, Taylor Rawson, Sam Johnsen, Keli Wolf
  • Freshman Class Council: Nathan Ciffa, Molly Cieslica, Meghan Kettinger, Rebecca Dolloff

How Can I Be Involved in SA at Roberts?

  • You can be a S.A.L.T. leader: they are elected or appointed by the student body
  • You can join a Student Association club or organization (Newspaper, Ministries, Intramurals, etc.)
  • You can create a new club or organization if you see a need

How Can I Find Out More about Student Association?

  • Fill out our Student Activities Interest Survey
  • Contact Brenda Myrthil, Associate Dean for Student Programming & Leadership
  • Take a look at the list of SA leadership positions for an idea of what you can do once you're here
  • See all of the different clubs & organizations you can join when you're a student