Where You'll Live on Campus

Davison Hall
Davison Hall features the following:                 
  • Sleeps over 200 people
  • Air-conditioned
  • All-Women
  • Shared lounge and bathroom within each suite
  • Large building lounge with big-screen TV
  • 2 extra-long twin beds per room
The Quads

The Quads consist of O'Brien, Updyke, and Magill Halls. Anderson Hall houses the IT department and a large computer work area.

These dorms feature the following:         

  • Sleeps 144 people         
  • All-Women
  • Two extra-long twin beds per room         
  • Shared small lounge areas, bathrooms, and kitchen 
  • Large lounge area between Anderson and O'Brien and between Updyke and Magill
Miner Hall

Miner Hall is the guy's dorm that houses the majority of male students on campus. It features:         

  • Sleeps up to 147         
  • Suite style with 10-12 people per suite         
  • Two to three extra-long twin beds per room        
  • Lounge and bathroom in each suite
Alumni Village
These residence halls are used on an as-needed basis. In 2014-2015, Mohnkern will be used as a male residence hall. The set up of these dorms vary by building.

Our fifteen townhouses are reserved for seniors in good standing and require an application to be accepted.

These feature:                 

  • Air conditioning
  • All-men or all-women townhouse        
  • 4 or 6 students in 2 or 3 bedroom units per townhouse
  • Two extra-long twin beds per room         
  • Full kitchen and living area         
  • Two bathrooms per townhouse
Beeson Apartments

As with townhouses, Beeson is reserved for upperclassmen. Students have to apply for these apartments as well. In addition, Beeson A apartments also houses older undergraduate students, married undergraduate students, and graduate students.

These feature:          

  • 2 person apartments has one bedroom        
  • 4 person apartments have two bedrooms      
  • Fully equipped kitchen, small dining section, and living area       
  • Typically one male section, one female section, and one married/older student section