Services Available

The Health Center offers free assessment, diagnosis, and treatment or referral for common illnesses. Certain services are available for a fee (marked by $).

  • Physical examinations for academic, sports, nursing, or job-related requirements
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • DMV eye exams for driver license renewals
  • Tuberculosis screen ($)
  • Weight control and dietary management
  • Prescription renewals
  • Skin care
  • Tests for anemia and urinary tract infections
  • Flu shots ($)
  • Tests for strep throat and mononucleosis ($)
  • Health education
  • Mental health counseling available through the Counseling Center
  • Routine laboratory tests (blood work and urinalysis) ($)
  • X-ray orders referrals
  • Information for travel immunization requirements
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Vaporizers and crutches are available for short-term loan ($-if not returned)
  • Other health problems common to college age population

Cost of treatments is covered by the Health Center and Counseling Center fee. Students are responsible to pay for certain services, tests and vaccines obtain at the center. Also, any type of medical expenses like lab or x-ray procedures performed outside the college facilities is the student's responsibility.

If health care off campus is needed, the student is responsible for the fees charged by the medical provider of that care. The Health Center or other RWC staff will help make arrangements for such health care if needed.

A student who needs a prescription but is unable to afford it may request a short-term loan from the Office of Student Services in the Rinker Community Service Center.

Allergic and Medical Reactions
Students with known medical conditions (such as diabetes or a history of seizures) or allergies may find it a good practice to alert a close friend or Residence Hall Staff member as a precautionary measure. This is particularly important for any off-campus activities in which a student may participate.

Dormitory Visits by the Nurse Practitioner
It is the policy of the college that only in extreme illness should a dormitory visit be requested. The supplies and equipment needed to assist a student in illness are kept in the health center. Therefore, the best care can be given at the health center location.

Class Passes For Illness/Injury
The Health Center does not supply class passes for illness. A professor may call the Health Center to verify a student's contact with our office. However, the nature of the illness or contact will not be disclosed.

Special Diets
If student is on a medical prescribed diet, please contact the Health Center. Details for obtaining special meal provisions is required to be arrange will student, nurse practitioner, and the Director of Food Services.