Fall 2016 Support Groups and Workshops

Mindfulness and Stress Management for Athletes - Offered in partnership with Athletics.  Improve your performance and ability to handle stress by taking hold of your mind!  Open to all RWC athletes.  September 30 & October 14 from 11:00-12:00 in Smith Lake Auditorium.

New Grad Student Group - Make connections and learn skills for managing stress as a first year graduate student! September 14 and September 28 from 1:00-2:00pm in the Counseling Center group room.

Skills Group - This semester's skill-set is emotional regulation.  Come learn tools for managing intense emotions and keeping your mood even. You must be in individual counseling to do this group, so talk to your individual counselor, or make a new appointment for details. Contact Erica Cieri with questions.

Haven - Haven is a confidential support group on campus for students who are questioning their sexual orientation or are sexual minority students (gay, lesbian or bisexual- whether they identify with those labels or not).  This group provides a safe place to talk about issues of identity and faith with supportive others.  Contact facilitator Emma Hager for details.


Don't see a group that you like? Suggest a different group you would like to attend in the future.

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