Fall 2014 Support Groups

Skills Group - Skills is an educational group to learn skills for managing emotions.  The fall semester's skill-set is Emotional Regulation.  Come learn tools for managing your emotions!   Skills group this semester is facilitated by Keri Barnett and JoLynn Feagin.  You must be in individual counseling to do this group, so talk to your individual counselor, or make a new appointment for details.

Haven Group - Haven is a confidential support group on campus for students who are questioning their sexual orientation or are sexual minority students.  This group provides a safe place to talk about issues of identity and faith with supportive others.  This group has a confidential meeting time and place.  Contact facilitator Emma Hager for details.

Topical Support Group- The Counseling Center offers support groups on topics such as grief or stress management according to student demand.  Sign up and we will offer it!  Please click here to suggest a group you would like to attend.

Please click here for more information about the benefits of joining a support group.