West Side Story Audition Information

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 8 from 6-10pm

Location: Roberts Wesleyan College Hale Auditorium


  • Auditions begin promptly at 6:00pm for those interested in a singing role.  If you arrive late you may not be able to complete your audition.

  • Come prepared to do a choreography audition in addition to the vocal audition (details below)
  • Please bring a resume and headshot (if available).
  • You will be considered for every role in which you have indicated an interest regardless of your song choice.
  • You will have a chance to rehearse your song in a large group before individual auditions begin.
  •  A professional accompanist will be provided.

Save Time & Fill Out the Audition Form Ahead of Time!

 Audition Form 



West Side Story Required Vocal Audition Excerpts

Please choose one of the following excerpts which best demonstrates your vocal ability.  Each auditionee will sing only once.  

Women (Maria, Anita, Jet Girls, Shark Girls)

Women's Audition Sheet Music (PDF)

Tonight (Balcony Scene), m. 51-83

  • Key of Bb, starting pitch is F above middle C
  • “Tonight, tonight…” through “…is a star tonight”

America, m. 21-57

  • Key of G minor, modulating to C major
  • Starting pitch is G above middle C 
  • Sing melody throughout
  • “Puerto Rico…” through “for a small fee in America”

I Feel Pretty, m. 155-202

  • Key of F, starting pitch is middle C
  • “I feel pretty…” through “…pretty wonderful boy”

Men (Tony, Riff, Bernardo, Jets, Sharks)

Men's Audition Sheet Music (PDF)

Something’s Coming, m. 79-133

  • Key of C, starting pitch is F# below middle C
  • “With a click” through “deliver to me”

Tonight (Balcony Scene), m. 87-118

  • Key of A, starting pitch is E below middle C
  • “Tonight, tonight” through “is a star tonight”

Jet Song. m. 28-70

  • Key of Bb, starting pitch is Bb below middle C
  • “When you’re a Jet” through “you stay a Jet”

 For Those Interested In a Non-Singing Role:

Reading auditions for speaking roles (Krupke, Schrank, Doc, Glad Hand) will follow the regular auditions, beginning at 9:00 p.m. on both nights. No singing or dancing audition is required for these roles.