Nursing Home Administration

Non-Degree Course Sequence

This five-course sequence provides the 15 credit hours of required coursework in Level 3 qualifications for New York State Nursing Home Administrator Licensure. Roberts Wesleyan College is one of the few colleges/universities in New York to offer a five-course sequence that helps health care professionals meet the rigorous requirements of NYS licensure. To qualify for NYS licensure, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution. Additional requirements are listed below and explained in detail on the NYS Department of Health website.

  • Five courses
  • 31 weeks to completion
  • Offered exclusively online

If you are a health care professional with a bachelor's degree who wants to meet New York State standards for nursing home licensure, contact:

585.594.6905 or


  1. NHA 450 – Nursing Home Administration (4crs / 6wks)
  2. NHA 380 – Health Care Financial Management (5crs/8 wks)
  3. NHA 400 – Health Care Policy, Law & Ethics (5crs / 7 wks)
  4. SOC 300 NH - Gerontology (3crs / 5wks)
  5. NHA 410 – Human Resources in Health Care (3crs / 5wks)

*Total credits earned = 20 credits in 31 weeks
NOTE: Students taking the Nursing Home Administration non-degree course sequence are not eligible for Financial Aid (loans or grants).

To see when courses are offered please visit the online Pathway schedule.

Requirements for Admission to Roberts

  • Associates degree or higher from an accredited institution

Requirements for NYS Nursing Home Administrator Licensure

  1. Be at least 21 years of age
  2. Pass an assessment of character and suitability
  3. Bachelor's degree or higher from and accredited institution
    • 15 credit hours of coursework in long-term care/health care, gerontology and personnel management*
  4. Experience in the field:
    • 12-month Board-approved Administrator-In-Training (AIT) Program; or
    • 24 months of qualifying field experience as determined by the Board; or
    • 24 months of service as Administrator-of-Record (AOR) in an out-of-state nursing facility
  5. Complete Board-approved 3-credit-hour course in Nursing Home Administration
  6. Passing Board-Approved Licensure Examination (must first meet qualifications 1-5)

*Met by successful completion of the Nursing Home Administration course sequence

Meet all Level 3 Qualifications with the Health Administration Program

If you have not yet completed your bachelor's degree (a requirement for NYS licensure), you can earn your Bachelor's in Health Administration in as few as 15 months. The program includes three of the five courses in the Nursing Home Administration course sequence, leaving you with only two courses to complete in order to satisfy all educational requirements for NYS licensure.

Already earned your bachelor's? Consider earning your Master's in Health Administration from Roberts in 18 months.

Special Notes

A residency and/or field experience are required to achieve full licensure. To view all six levels of qualification required for licensure by NYS please visit:

For questions please contact the Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Program
Phone: 518-408-1297