Library Fines

For questions about your account or privileges, call 585-594-6949
or e-mail,

The "Due Date" slip given at check out shows the title of the material checked out, and the date the material is due.
Material not returned by the date due is fined

Please be Kind and return materials on Time... at the Book Returns.
We have 2 locations ~
* The Book drop by the outside front doors
* The Circulation Desk


General Circulation material

The Golisano Library charges a .10 cent fine per item per open day,
to a maximum fine of $5.00 per item.

Media Materials

The library charges $2.50 fine per item per open day for overdue DVD, VHS, CD materials.

Reserve material

The Library charges according to loan length with a maximum fine of $5.00 per item.
For 2 hour Loans~.25 cent fine per item per hours overdue
For 1 -7 day loans~ $2.50 per item per day overdue.
Please return promptly- many need to read the same material for the assignment.


FINE Charges

If the fines accumulate to $5.00 or more , we will restrict your library privileges until paid. ALSO ~ At the end of the semester, we restrict access to grades and transcripts.

Use the self-renewal feature of the Library Catalog, see Renew Materials.

Golisano Library does mail notices of fines due and maintains a record of delinquency at the Registration Office. Unpaid fines $5.00 or over hold your grades and transcripts.

If the material becomes overdue 60 or more days, it is assumed to be lost and the replacement cost of the material is charged to your account.

*Click here to pay your library fines $5.00 or over online
with a valid credit card.
(You will be prompted to login with your Roberts username and password)

Once the fine is paid, a reciept will be sent via e-mail to you and the Circulation Supervisor. The Supervisor will need to clear your holds in Registration.

You may also stop by Circulation or call us (585) 594-6949, for immediate payment and removal of holds.

Lost Item Charges

When a book is lost, its loss should be reported promptly to the library.

If the borrower believes they may have returned the item, they should immediately initiate a search by contacting the Library.

In the meantime, the borrower should search home and work spaces for the item and contact anyone who might have borrowed it from them. If the item is found and shows signs of having been through any steps of the discharging process, it will be removed from the borrower's record and replacement fines will not be charged.

After 60 days, if the item is not returned or found, it is considered Lost and charged a replacement fee. For most materials, the Golisano Library charges $25.00 per lost item along with a processing fee of $5.00 and the max. fine of $5.00 for a total of $35.00 per book. Lost charges will remain on the borrower's record until item is paid for or returned. Unpaid fines will hold back your grades and transcripts.