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Since Federal and State Governments compile most statistics, learn to navigate their websites for best effect.

For free searching go to FedStats


Do you want demographics?  Go to

Current Economic Indicators? Liber8  is an economic information portal for librarians and students



Tips to help locate statistics for your research


How can I find statistics for my needs?

HA - contains general works on statistics

There is no single right way  or call number to locate statistics.  When you search for statistics in the Voyager catalog or in a database, always identify the subject for your search and then use statistics as the second word.  For example

United States--Statistics, Medical
Education--United States--Statistics
Population Statistics
Vital Statistics
Aged -- Statistics
Health Surveys--Statisticsl Methods

What books contain resource information?

County and City  Extra  Ref. HA203.C68 2002 - The print edition is ordered infrequently.  Check for other years to locate statistics kept by counties and cities in the United States

Historical Statistics of the United States Ref. HA2020.H57 2006
This 5 volume work covers population, work and welfare, economic structure and performance , economic sectors, and governance and international relations.

Business Statistics of the United States Ref. HC101.A13122 2006

Other tips

Always look under the subject term "statistics" in the subscription databases for narrower terms. 

For keyword searching, add one or  the following words to your search: statistics, data, frequency, census, analysis, demographics.

Various agencies collect statistics at different levels. Consider looking for city, county, local, State, Regional, Federal, and global statistics.

Know your State and Federal Government collection site for your profession and visit it often.
Education - National Center for Educational Statistics
Business - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Nursing - National Institute of Health
Criminal Justice National Center for Justice Reference Service

Check the website for additional links and calculators



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