LIT 314

Researching an Author                            LIT 314 ~ Instructor: Linda Quinlan

a)Biographical information
, include titles of author’s most popular and/or Highly regarded books

Find biographical information- Watch for Pen names
*Britannica Online
*Encyclopedia Americana (Grolier)

PRINT Reference Sources
*Ref. Z 1224 .C6 Contemporary Authors (use Index for Author’s name)
*Ref. PN 1008.5 .O95 2006 v.1-4 The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature

Article Indexes
* American National Biography Online
* The Twayne Authors Series
* Wilson Biographies

Book Catalogs

*BOOKS- our Library
* Other Libraries for Local Books
* WorldCat (FirstSearch)  for further searching for all published works
(USE Inter-library Loan for items not available in Golisano Library)

Websites Check information 1st being from Publishers or Author’s own site.
* America writes for Kids!
* The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD)
* Scholastic - Author & Books
*The Author's yellow pages
*The National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature (NCCIL)


b) Analysis of the critical response to the person’s work, including consideration of:
- strengths/weakneses of author's writing
- ways in which author is similar to/different from other writers of his/her genre
- distinctives that set this author apart from other children's book authors

Finding Criticisms
Book Review Sources

* Book Catalog tip> Search under- Children's literature--History and criticism
* WorldCat  tip> use Inter-library Loan for books found here
*Book Review Digest- Hard copy only Ref Z1219 .C96

General Article Indexes

* Academic Search Premier
* Research Library
* Wilson Select Plus

BOOK REVIEW Journals- Check current issues in Library or use an Article Index above to locate

The Horn Book Magazine reviews about 100 books in each issue.

The Lion and the Unicorn: A Critical Journal of Children's Literature (Online in Project MUSE) 1995-
Each issue focuses on a particular theme or genre. Includes articles, interviews, and book reviews on that topic.

New York Times. Sunday edition—book review section~ weekly Children's book reviews found in "For Younger Readers" column. In Nov. and Dec. numerous lists of outstanding children's books are provided.
Look online at

Publisher's Weekly. Each issue has children's book review's with age recommendations. Check the Spring & Fall issues devoted to Children's Lit.

The Reading Teacher. The October issue includes an extensive annotated bibliography of selected children's books from the previous year, organized by age group.

School Library Journal. September through May issues review approx. 200 books.

Young Children. Children's book reviews in each issue.

Check the Journal Locator this resource identifies where you can find the
Full Text of the Article you need.
If Journal is not listed- we can Inter-library Loan for the Article you need.
PLAN AHEAD for retrieval time!

Websites - Online Journals:

The Looking Glass -> Registration Required
Carol Hurst Children's Literature Site


c) A detailed discussion of one of the person’s books that – in your opinion shows the author at his/her best.

YOUR Call after review of Author’s repertoire !