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Winter 2013


Outreach to India – Summer 2012

Outreach to India

In June, ten of our RWC SIFE Enactus team members traveled to Coimbatoire India, along with professors Carrie and Erv Starr, to minister at the Chandra Bose School and the Lydia Tailoring School. They were honored to be present on the first day of school at Chandra Bose, welcoming over 100 students from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. They successfully taught Biz World to the students in 2nd through 5th grade. They also enjoyed extended time with the Miracle Garden orphans, including a trip to the local water park and the Bombay Circus! The team made a visit to the Lydia tailoring school and conducted interviews at several local tailoring shops in an effort to help the women start their own successful businesses. The team continues to raise funds for the orphanage, the Chandra Bose School and the Lydia Tailoring School while looking forward to returning to the Miracle Garden in the summer of 2014.


How SIFE Enactus Led Me to Guetamala
By Mark Zoccali, SIFE Enactus President

The thought of buying a suit to be in a club seemed ridiculous. While as ridiculous as buying a suit seemed in September of 2009, I am so glad I did it. Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), for me, was a way to get a free trip to New York City. I still haven’t gone to New York City with SIFE, but I have done so much more. In October of 2009, I fell in love with the idea of going to Guatemala with the SIFE team. Carrie Starr had already talked me into buying a ridiculous suit, so not only was I part of the team, but I was also project manager preparing to lead a team of 25 students to Guatemala in May of 2010. I had never left the country (or been on a plane), I did not know Spanish, and I was brand-new to SIFE.


Months had passed, and it was time to go to Guatemal. I could write 30 pages of information on how much I loved that trip and about all of the things I learned during those two weeks, but I won’t. All I am going to say is that I am thankful for Pacaya’s volcanic eruption that left RWC SIFE stuck in Guatemala for 4 extra days and brought the team to Hogar Mama Carmen on May 30th.

Hogar Mama Carmen is where I currently am, writing this article. Hogar Mama Carmen is an orphanage in Guatemala City where I have spent the past several months. Honestly, I hope to move here after graduation in May. Thanks to that fateful volcanic eruption, I can call Mama Carmen and the children at this orphanage “family.” These children are my brothers and sisters and every day I am learning to love like Jesus loves. That is the biggest thing I have learned through my RWC SIFE experiences and I am 100% okay with that. After all, 1 Corinthians 13:13 says, “And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”


SIFE Enactus Highlights 2012

RWC SIFE won their 10th consecutive regional championship in Cinncinati, Ohio in April. They were also awarded the “All Star Team” trophy at regionals, a new honor established this year.

RWC SIFE placed as first runners up in the semi-final round of competition at nationals in Kansas City, Missouri in May.

RWC SIFE traveled to Coimbatoire India in June to work with the Miracle Garden Orphanage, the Chandra Bose School and the Lydia Tailoring School alongside alum Michelle and John Pandian.

RWC SIFE traveled to Washington DC to attend World Cup in October where SIFE unveiled their new name: Enactus- Entrepreneurship in Action for the good of Us all. We will now be known as “Roberts’ Enactus.”

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