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Fall/Winter 2012 Newsletter

Undeclared to Double Major

Submitted by Liz Widrick, Junior Psychology and Social Work Major

Liz Widrick

When I came to Roberts in the Fall of 2010, I was unsure about my future. I was an undeclared major for the first and second semesters of my freshman year. In that first semester, I had taken Gen Ed Psych and had a First Year Seminar professor who primarily taught in the psychology division. I remember thoroughly enjoying that psychology class taught by Dr. Bassett. He left room for us to analyze, question, and apply the material to our everyday lives. Dr. Cheryl Repass, my First Year Seminar professor, introduced me to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and it fascinated me. By the second semester of that freshman year, I was considering a major in cross-disciplinary studies with concentrations in psychology, social welfare, and ministry. I took more psych classes like Psychology of Gender and Child and Adolescent Psychology and soon realized that I wanted to major in psychology. I went into my sophomore year thinking I was going to minor in social welfare, but somehow I wound up tackling a double major in social work and psychology. That's the direction I'm currently headed in as a junior.

My advisors have been able to guide me through my double major, helping me double check my schedule to make sure we can fit in all the required psychology and social work classes, (These 2 majors often have conflicting class times). My professors are excellent, and I think that is why I have yet to come up against a psychology class that I do not enjoy. The professors in both departments are passionate about what they are teaching. It seems like all of them have much experience and connections with people or organizations in Rochester. All of my professors in both departments have infused the Christian faith into the curriculum, and that is something I cherish. If it wasn't for their passion, I wouldn't have become so passionate.

As for my future, I'm not sure about the specifics, but I'm drawn to counseling. I have a desire to work with children and their families. Roberts has given me a solid foundation to build upon, and I've been well informed about the many options that are open for me. I have professors and advisors who desire that I succeed and are equipped to answer any questions that I have as I progress toward my future aspirations.


Developing a Passion

Submitted by Melissa Thompson, Senior Psychology Major

My experience at Roberts has been a wonderful one; one that I will always cherish. In my years here, I have not only learned more about psychology and God, but I have developed a passion for these things. I feel called to be a counselor for abused children; the education and opportunities that Roberts offers has helped bring me to this point. In May of 2010, I went on a mission trip through Roberts to Costa Rica. In the area we were serving, child prostitution and abuse from family members was rampant. I had spent the entire semester before this trip questioning God's calling for my life. Seeing the pain in these children's eyes broke my heart, and took away the question of whether I could handle seeing and hearing about the pain of abuse everyday. I knew God would help me through and would daily give me strength to continue.

I am now doing an internship at the Society for the Protection and Care of Children in their Family Trauma Intervention Program. This program focuses on restoring the lives of families that have a history of domestic violence, or have experienced a traumatic event such as the death of a child. Many of the adult clients we work with were abused as children, and that abuse has damaged their lives. They feel unworthy of success, and get involved in relationships where they are not cared for, but abused. They do not know anything different. They are repeatedly told they are worthless; controlled and manipulated by fear, they are stuck feeling worthless, too afraid to seek freedom. I want to help children that have been abused. They deserve to feel valued, and to have the self-esteem and courage to seek loving relationships and freedom to live as they choose.

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