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Fall/Winter 2012 Newsletter

Dr. Tamara Sullivan Defends Dissertation

The Department of Psychology is delighted to announce that Tami Sullivan successfully defended her dissertation on April 16th and graduated on May 19th with her Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Supervision from the University of Rochester's Warner Graduate School.

Dr. Sullivan's Dissertation was entitled The Role and Functions of School Counselors in an Accountability-Driven Environment.

The purpose of Dr. Sullivan's research was to determine how a national sample of school counselors working in K-12 public schools conceptualized their roles and functions in addressing children's mental health concerns. Using a web-based survey, this study explored what specific duties a school counselor performs that address the mental health needs of children, their perceptions of their competencies in working with the multitude of children's mental health problems, and the array of delivery arrangements of mental health services and supports in the school. Please join with us in congratulating Dr. Sullivan!


Family Autism Together in Supports (FACTS)

A Successful Start to Fourth Year in Operation! The Autism Respite Program is a collaboration between the Brockport Free Methodist Church, Roberts Wesleyan College and the College at Brockport and provides families respite from the day-to-day responsibilities of raising a child with a neurodevelopmental disability. Trained undergraduate and graduate students offer fun and individualized activities each Sunday from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for children ages 3-17. This year, the program welcomes an art therapist from BOCES2 who will provide suggestions on how to incorporate expressive art therapies into program activities. Therapy dogs will also take up residence to provide furry unconditional support and to promote social interaction among the children. Student program volunteers held a Kids Night Out in December for program children and their siblings to give parents time to prepare for the holiday season. Kids arrived in their pajamas, ate dinner, decorated cookies, made Christmas ornaments, and snuggled up and watched a movie while their parents enjoyed a much needed break. The program is still accepting student volunteers for the fall and spring semester. Contact Dr. Sullivan for more information, sullivan_tami@roberts.edu.

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