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Fall/Winter 2012 Newsletter

2012 (NARACES) Conference


Inspired by Niagara Falls, the theme of the 2012 North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors (NARACES) was On the edge: Preparing counselors for a rapidly changing world. Dr. Tami Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Psychology, conducted a workshop at the conference on the role and functions of school counselors in capacity building for mental health supports in schools.

The profession of school counseling has continuously evolved, its survival largely predicated on its ability to address educational reform movements and to redefine its role accordingly. School counselors now partner as leaders in systemic change that ensure equity and access for all students. Prevalence estimates indicate that 20% of children have mental health concerns that interfere with learning in school, the percentage increases to 25% for children in adverse environments (World Health Organization, 2010). The challenge in the school counseling profession is how to integrate the newly emerged educational achievement objectives with rising student mental health concerns. In light of this challenge, Dr. Sullivan's research illuminates how school counselors work with student mental health needs in schools throughout the nation.

The expertise school counselors bring to the schools is unique, they possess a developmental knowledge of students within a health and wellness paradigm. They overwhelmingly operate both as a team member and a skilled interventionist in schools. The compendium of supports and services they offer is multi-tiered and varies in intensity from universal to specialized. School counselors regularly collaborate and consult with teachers and staff to provide supports for all students. At the system level school counselors advocate for supports, partner with administrators, and support school-wide mental health prevention practices. By all accounts, school counselors build capacity in schools and function as leaders and advocates for mental health supports and services for all students.

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2012 (NARACES) Conference
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