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Spring 2013 Newsletter


Shine Your Light

By Rebeckah Johnson ’14
PHY 203 Dr. Candice Fazar
Faith & Physics Summary

Christ’s life was one that “brought light to everyone” (John 1:4, NLT). In fact, He is “the true light, who gives light to everyone” (John 1:9). But He is gracious enough to extend His light to us, calling all His children to “let [our] good deeds shine” like light “for all to see, so that everyone will praise [our] heavenly Father “ (Matthew 5:16). If we take a moment to compare our spiritual walk with physics, we can see this call to action as a call to constructive interference with the one true light.

We have the privilege to emanate the light of Christ, and thus, we have the choice to make our “light-waves,” or lives, interfere constructively or destructively with the light of Christ. When two waves combine with the same phase, then the peaks and troughs of the waves align. When aligned perfectly, the light is displayed with bright bands, providing the greatest intensity of light; the waves reinforce one another (Polkinghorne, 2004). However, if the waves interfere destructively, and portions of the wave are cancelled, dark bands occur in the interference pattern; light is not seen in those places (Polkinghorne, 2004).

This concept of interference provides a beautiful illustration of our relationship with Christ. With each day, we should be striving to be the wave that builds up the work of Christ, rather than breaking it down with deconstructive interference. If we follow the same path Christ demonstrated to us, we can be the light shining before men, illuminating the saving grace of Christ and the glory of our Heavenly Father. However, when we stray from that path that Christ has designated for us, Christ’s light cannot shine as brightly from us. We may even create a place of darkness if we act in a way completely opposite of Christ, like those deconstructive wave creating dark bands. Given two alternatives, let this image of interference encourage us to follow Christ’s path, that we might illuminate His message of love more brightly with every peak and trough of our lives!

Polkinghorne, J. C. (2004). Quantum theory, a very short introduction. Oxford University Press, USA.

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