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Spring 2013 Newsletter


UV-vis Spectrometer

The department recently purchased a new Cary 100 UV-visible spectrometer from Agilent Technologies. This flexible scanning spectrometer can be run in single or double beam mode and covers a wavelength range from 190 – 900 nm. Additionally, it is equipped with several accessories that will be utilized regularly in teaching and research applications. This instrument will be used to complement the older Hewlett Packard 8452A photodiode array spectrophotometer.



Autosampler for the GC-MS

The department recently purchased the Thermo Scientific AI 1310 auto sampler for our Focus DSQII GC-MS. The GC-MS is a powerful instrument that allows a mixture of volatile compounds to be separated first by gas chromatography and then detected using mass spectrometry. Here, each separate compound is hit with a highly energetic beam of electrons, which produces unique molecular fragmenting patterns that can be compared with an equipped library database for molecular identification.


The Biolistic PDS-1000/He Particle Delivery System


The Biolistic PDS-1000/He Particle Delivery System projects DNA-coated microcarriers (gold or tungsten microparticles) into cells. This form of transformation will allow us to introduce foreign DNA into a variety of targets (plant, bacterial, fungal, animal, and intracellular organelles).


The exercise bike and metabolic cart

The exercise bike and metabolic cart allow for measurement of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production over a range of standardized exercise rates, suitable for determining basal metabolic rate, respiratory exchange ratio, and maximal oxygen consumption, a measure of cardiorespiratory fitness. This equipment will greatly enhance the laboratory experience in our Human Physiology and Exercise Physiology courses.

Amy Kovach
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