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Fall 2012 Newsletter

Student Travels to Peru
By Isreal Moreno '13


This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Peru on an eight member mission team with The Salvation Army. I spent six weeks in ministry there; of which the time was split between three locations in the northeast and central regions of the country. The majority of the trip was spent in the high jungle in the towns of El Porvenir and Tarapoto with the last ten days being spent in the country's capital city of Lima. I had a lot of new and crazy experiences from working on a coffee plantation and bartering with shopkeepers to hand washing laundry and holding worship services in the center of the town's main square. While in Peru we worked alongside the Salvation Army churches in the area with a majority of the ministry being focused on the children, teenagers, and young adults of the communities. We taught many Sunday school lessons, vacation Bible studies, and visiting local schools. In Lima, we had the opportunity to assist in the construction of a men's shelter. We painted, sanded, and cleaned various areas as well as assembled 20 bunk beds for the shelter. The team also led many worship services and each member gave various bible studies, devotionals, and sermons throughout the course of the summer. The Lord taught me many lessons this summer and showed me many things that I was doing wrong as a Christian. The people in El Porvenir worshiped God with an attitude that I have never experienced before and that makes our Americanized views seem self-centered and fake. There are many things that I will never forget like the magnificence of the stars and the intensity of the sun, but the children and adults that I worked with this summer will forever hold a special place in my heart. Peru is an amazingly beautiful country with some of the most caring, welcoming, and friendly people I have ever met. It is my deep desire to one day return to Peru, hopefully with the capability of speaking Spanish so that I can interact with the people without the aid of a translator

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Student Travels to Peru
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