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Fall 2012


New Student Orientation

Friday, August 24

Homecoming 2012

September, 29
Parents Coffee and Cheesecake Reception

Blue Man Group

Saturday, November 3

Sibling Weekend 2012

September 28-30

Greetings from the Office of Student Development

Hello RWC Parents!

We are so pleased that your daughter or son has chosen to attend Roberts Wesleyan. This year will provide new opportunities and adventures for all of us. Each incoming class of students brings new energy to campus and reminds all of us why we love our work. Our department's motto is "Helping students succeed and grow in Christ." We are committed to providing programs, services, and experiences that enhance the personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth for each student.

We have found three things that can improve student success: attending classes, getting to know professors personally, and finding ways to get involved with others here on campus. While the professors will greatly encourage both class attendance and personal interaction, our office will provide numerous activities, programs, and organizations that can help students to connect. Please encourage your daughter or son to get connected right from the start of the year.

You may contact our office for assistance in any matter that arises. We will provide direct help or give you a referral to the specific person or office responsible. Please contact our Assistant, Kathleen Mulford by phone at 585.594.6532 or through email at Mulford_Kathleen@roberts.edu. Additional information about our services can be found online by clicking here.


Office of Student Development

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