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Fall 2012


New Student Orientation

Friday, August 24

Homecoming 2012

September, 29
Parents Coffee and Cheesecake Reception

Blue Man Group

Saturday, November 3

Sibling Weekend 2012

September 28-30

Letter from President Martin

President Martin

Dear Parents,

Bringing your freshman daughter or a son to a college campus is one of those moments when the future starts rushing at you like a star-field in hyperspace. Time moves us forward at warp-speed, and the years of preparation and parenting are tested (or about to be tested) in the lab of independent living. It can be dizzying and overwhelming. Two questions often get asked at these moments: Will my child succeed? Will college be worth it?

As a parent of young adults – college graduates – and as President of Roberts Wesleyan College, I cannot give you guarantees, but I can offer two educated opinions: Yes…and Yes.

Roberts Wesleyan College is a community of learners committed to historic Christianity… Our mission statement begins with these words, and I can assure you that we take this commitment seriously. Your child will be in an environment that is both supportive of the academic goals for students and wholly dedicated to the aims of genuine Christian community. If your son or daughter takes advantage of these supports and this environment by participating fully in the campus life and culture that is offered, he or she will succeed. I've seen it happen year after year, and I, along with faculty, staff, and administrators, are working every day to make sure that we are preparing thoughtful, spiritually mature, service-oriented people who will help transform society (the latter part of our mission statement).

As for the second question, yes, it will be worth it. Despite a lot of recent press reports casting doubt on the value of higher education, and political critique of the costs involved, I assure you that the investment in your child's education is one of the soundest investments you can make. Earning a degree not only will provide them opportunity to earn an income significantly higher than their non-degree-holding peers, but having a college education is a luxury about which most of the world can only dream. Our prayer for and our challenge to each student is that each one will use his or her education in a way that brings transformative blessings to their world. We have a family of 15,000 alumni who are doing that in every sector of society. In a few short years, I fully expect that your daughter or son will be joining them. Welcome to Roberts –and hang on – it's going to be a fast ride!


John A. Martin

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