Strategic Leadership - Overview

Designed by leaders, for leaders

The M.S. in Strategic Leadership (MSL) integrates the principles of business administration with leadership competencies. This professional degree program expands the traditional business masters to encompass business, technology, and human development strategies. As a student of MSL, you will discover the leadership skills that provide the direction, motivation, and business mastery necessary for shaping the future of organizations.


MSL is designed to maximize your marketing potential and professional value through real opportunities to leverage your learning with actual clients and companies in our community. Classes meet at convenient locations or online, one evening per week, from 6-10 PM. Classroom interactions leverage the professional experience of the professors and cohort members, creating an atmosphere where learning is immediately applicable to professional responsibilities.


Graduate learning takes place in groups of 8 to 20 students (referred to as a cohort), which remain together through the 18 month span of the program. The cohort structure enhances productivity and provides networking opportunities. Learners share experiences, ideas, and perspectives, which enhance each other’s learning.


Modular design allows students to focus on one class at a time rather than simultaneous study in multiple classes. Students complete one course for five weeks, then move on to the next module. The integrated nature of the coursework all works toward a capstone experience in the formation of an integrated marketing communications plan.

“The Master’s in Strategic Leadership program at Roberts Wesleyan College is unique in its ability to produce graduates with an understanding of “real” leadership, not just management skills. Leading organizations today has never been more challenging and requires, as never before, character, integrity, and strategic insight. Changes that used to take a lifetime now happen in a single business cycle. Agility and adaptability are the hallmarks of success; most of all, leaders today need to have a strong sense of self. The MSL program at Roberts gives graduates all the tools they will need and ignites the courage to lead others in a way few academic programs can.”

Mark S. Peterson, CFRE, President & CEO, Greater Rochester Enterprise


Welcome from MSL Director

The Strategic Leadership program is designed to meet the call in the lives of lifelong learners and leaders that are looking to enhance their potential and advance their careers.

Having spent over 10 years working in human resources for one of the nation’s top employers, I hired graduates from some of the best MBA schools and quickly realized that they lacked critical skills for serving diverse customer needs and leading people. What these professionals needed was a graduate degree that developed them as emerging leaders – equipping them to provide ethical fortitude, inspiring vision, strategic agility, humble service, and a capacity to build effective teams and communities.

This is the Master of Strategic Leadership at Roberts Wesleyan College – a cutting edge and challenging program where developing managers and leaders can engage the faculty, staff, and students from a diverse cross-section of industries and organizational segments. I invite you to experience the commitment of Roberts’ distinguished faculty – making a difference in the lives of students and the organizations that serve our expanding community.

Dr. Joel R. Hoomans
Doctor of Strategic Leadership
Director of Graduate Studies

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